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i feel like at least half the contacts in danny’s phone are simply random famous names

there is also no entry for mindy or jeremy but he has morgan, peter, and tamra.

there is also no vanessa (the first v is vera w :P)

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    Where’s Mindy’s name?
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    Danny has Tamara, Peter and Morgans number. Not Jeremy or Mindy’s? Maybe he knows their number by heart?
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    Might Mona L be Mona Lisa by any chance? HEEHEEHEE!!! Love the writers
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    You are a special breed of fan for screenshotting (a verb now) and examining that. Hiatus has been hard on is all.
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    But you guys, maybe he cares so much about Mindy that he realized it was just easier to memorize it by heart than having...
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    he also doesn’t have richie????
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